Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

Yap posed at Burjuman Shopping Mall
In front of the Chinese section.

Indian section at Ibn Battuta

In front of Egyptian section at Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

Inside Dubai Metro train on the way to Ibn Battuta

Extensively designed teak wood ceiling finishes at Burjuman Shopping Mall

Burjuman lobby display.

Standing in front of Mahatma Gandhi potrait displayed at Burjuman

Burj Khalifa view from the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway

Went to the much talked about Ibn Battuta shopping mall with Yap last month. We boarded the early bus from Abu Dhabi and disembarked at Burjuman shopping mall, an exclusive elite mall in Dubai. You can find many shops offering high end branded products. The internal decoration of the mall was awe inspiring particularly on the ceiling finishes. So much teak have been used in the mall to create a cosy enviroment.

Later took the Metro train to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall. The fares was reasonable at only 11 dirham for return journey. It will easily cost you a bomb at about 80 dirham 1 way if you take the cab as taxi fares in Dubai is much more expensive compared to Abu Dhabi.Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall is a collection of all the major country visited by the traveller.The shopping was extensively decorated to reflect the architecture beauty of that particular nation.

On the way back on the train managed to catch the picture of the just completed Burj Khalifa,currently the highest building in the world, standing at 828m high.


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