Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Childhood Friends.

Managed to get hold of my childhhood friends photograph taken during the last Chinese New Year gathering at Kee Tick house in Tengkera. It was indeed a feat to gather annually ever since we left Malacca High School. We have been gathering without fail for the last 30 years even though most of us are married and have our own family. From left Kok Tong,Johnny,Eng Ann,Kee Tick,Choo,Wai Yee,Myself,Quek,Richard and Raymond.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

DAP Seputeh Thanksgiving Dinner

With YB Teresa Kok, the newly elected Seputeh MP and Kinrara Adun at the Dinner function.

Last night DAP Seputeh throw a buffet dinner at Seri Petaling to thanks the election workers who like myself are mostly volunteers. The event started at around 7.30pm with the arrival of our Seputeh YB Teresa Kok who was greeted by the lion dance from Salak South.The above event have also invited many new DAP MP and ADUN to be the night speakers. Among them was the newly elected MP from PJ Utara Tony Pua, the youngest Singapore based CEO,MP for Segambut YB Lim Lip Eng,Serdang MP aka Serdang Chili Padi Ms Teo Nie Ching and the newly appointed Selangor Exco who is also Seri Kembangan Adun and Selangor DAP chief Mr Ean Yong Hian Wah.

We have actually cater for 100 tables, beer was served and roast pig sponsored by well wishers.Our MP Teresa who is also the Selangor senior exco delivered a lenghty speech where she thanks the volunteers who without them she would not be able to win the highest majority in the whole of Malaysia with a huge 36,492 majority.She also promised that she will still take care of Seputeh constituency even though she also have to attend Selangor state administration.Tony Pua who is an economist by profession spoke on how hardworking our new Penang CM YB Lim Guan Eng who called him in the wee hour of 1.30am to ask him to prepare a report and called again at 8am to check whether it was done.

After the dinner Teresa invited us for another round of supper at a newby restaurant opened by her friend. Managed to take some photos with our new YBs and have attached for your viewing pleasure.