Sunday, April 29, 2007


Dear Comrades,

How you guys doing? Hope everything’s fine. However something is not fine in Ijok.As you know, BN is facing one of the toughest by-election battles with Party Keadilan in Ijok. This time Anwar Ibrahim, our ex DPM is leading the opposition campaign with the full support of DAP and PAS. They have a very qualified candidate by the name of Tan Sri Khalid who was once the CEO for Guthrie and PNB. He is facing an MIC rookie from BN.The opposition is facing an uphill task to fight against the might of the BN machineries which went all out to win the election. All sorts of dirty tactics were employed by BN.Million of ringgit were spend at the expense of the taxpayers money to resurface the roads, donate sewing machines, give goodies, erect new lamp posts and traffic lights. It is really an insult to the rakyat that after more than 50 years, you can only now see so many developments just because they are so desperate to win. Someone was joking that we can only get so much development if your MP our State assemblymen are dead. It happened in Batu Talam, it happened in Machap and now in Ijok, so next time elects an old and sick candidate at your constituency.

To get first hand situation on the ground I have make 2 trips to Ijok and will be going again tomorrow night, the last day of campaign period .Came back from Ijok 2 days ago. Very heavy presence of police personnel in this constituency. The traffic leading to this small little town was screened by police road blocks. It looks as if they are going for war or to instill fear to the residents. Reached Ijok town at about 8.45pm after fetching my friend at Sg Buluh.Ceramah was going on with the speeches of DAP leaders like Dr Tan Seng Geow and Ms Chong Eng.About 20 minutes later as I was standing by the roadside, I saw a Mercedes Benz dropped Anwar Ibrahim who also one of the speaker of ceramah, very lucky to be able to shake hand with him. Anwar was warmly welcome by the crowd, majority of them Chinese residents of the town. He can really charmed the audience with his speeches on wide range of topics on how he was humiliated in the prison and how he really feel the need to change this rotten and corrupted Government. Can joke, can talk, really a talented speaker.

Anwar speech was interrupted by the arrival of the Opposition Leader, Mr Lim Kit Siang who was greeted with cheers from the one thousand odds residents. He was very upset with the cancellation of his earlier ceramah at Batang Berjuntai.He related how 3 trucks of FRU were there to disperse the crowds and this is the first time in Malaysia history that an election rally need a police permit. Something strike his mind that the BN feel threaten by the support of the voters and have to engage such an underhand tactic to scare the crowd, Luckily the ceramah at Ijok went on smoothly without any disturbance with the presence of so many police personnel.

To be continued…