Monday, September 13, 2010

Cameron Highland Revisited

View of Boh Tea plantation from the restaurant

Plucking strawberry on your own pace at the farm
The scenic tea plantation view at Boh Tea

Cameron Highland resort always appeal to me for its natural beauty, scenic landscape and cool weather. This vacation brought my family to visit the highland again since the last trip in 2006. The journey from the foot of the highland to the hill top is both long and winding. Drove up to the Highland last weekend and put up a night stay at one of the private 3 rooms fully furnished apartment at Tanah Rata, the main town of Cameron Highland. The room rate is quite reasonable at RM180 per day. The kitchen is also fully equipped with cooking utensils and the living room and bedrooms are generously spacious.

The highland cool weather is condusive for the planting of strawberry,flowers and vegatables which you cannot grow in the low land of Malaysia .Among the many fruits farm we went was the Strawberry farm where for a sum of RM20 you can pluck the fruits on your own pace but limited to 500 gram per plate.At night went to the Pasar malam ( night market ) at Brinchang, a small town just a few kilometre away from Tanah Rata. There you can find a variety of local fruits and vegetables displayed at the market. Fruits like strawberry and corns are popular to the local tourists. Later have steamboat for dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant at Tanah Rata.

Next morning visited the famous Boh Tea plantation and have breakfast at their scenic restaurant before driving back to Kuala Lumpur. It was an enjoyable and memorable trip for my family.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Vacation in Malaysia and Singapore

Vegetarian lunch in Malacca with parents and mother in law
In front of Resort World Sentosa attractions In front of the Singapore Merlion at Sentosa

In front of Sentosa casino entrance
With Richard at one of the leading hotel in Sentosa

Dinner gathering with parents and sister's family
Reunion gathering of old school mates at Kota Laksama,Malacca.
Qing Ming Qie at Cheng, Malacca with parent and brother.

Was back in Malaysia last month for the annual Chinese Qing Ming festival. It was home sweet home after 6 months away in Abu Dhabi. During the first week went over to Singapore with my family for vacation. Visited the Resort World in Sentosa island where the Genting casino and the Universal studio are located. The casino was opened on the first day of the lunar Chinese New Year 2010 and the Universal studio started business later on the 18th of March 2010. The studio was not fully completed. Singaporean need to pay $100 entrance fees to the casino to discourage the local from gambling. Later took the cab to Orchard road where most of the established Shopping Malls in Singapore are located.
The second week was spent in KL and Malacca. Joined my parent and brother for the Qing Ming Festival in Cheng and Bukit Jelutong in Malacca. Qing Ming Festival or Qing Ming Qie in Chinese means Grave Sweeping Day.Managed to catch up with friends and some old school mates in Malacca and KL and have dinner gatherings with relatives before flying back to Abu Dhabi.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Visit to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

Yap posed at Burjuman Shopping Mall
In front of the Chinese section.

Indian section at Ibn Battuta

In front of Egyptian section at Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall

Inside Dubai Metro train on the way to Ibn Battuta

Extensively designed teak wood ceiling finishes at Burjuman Shopping Mall

Burjuman lobby display.

Standing in front of Mahatma Gandhi potrait displayed at Burjuman

Burj Khalifa view from the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway

Went to the much talked about Ibn Battuta shopping mall with Yap last month. We boarded the early bus from Abu Dhabi and disembarked at Burjuman shopping mall, an exclusive elite mall in Dubai. You can find many shops offering high end branded products. The internal decoration of the mall was awe inspiring particularly on the ceiling finishes. So much teak have been used in the mall to create a cosy enviroment.

Later took the Metro train to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall. The fares was reasonable at only 11 dirham for return journey. It will easily cost you a bomb at about 80 dirham 1 way if you take the cab as taxi fares in Dubai is much more expensive compared to Abu Dhabi.Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall is a collection of all the major country visited by the traveller.The shopping was extensively decorated to reflect the architecture beauty of that particular nation.

On the way back on the train managed to catch the picture of the just completed Burj Khalifa,currently the highest building in the world, standing at 828m high.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter update from the Emirates

Sunset in Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE

Sunrise in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Seaview of Reem Island, Abu Dhabi UAE

In front of Deira City Center, Dubai, UAE
Mould making demonstration at Abu Dhabi Mall.

Moroccon dancer on stage performing in Abu Dhabi Mall

Aid Mubarak display at Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Police motorbike on display at Marina Mall

Time passed really fast and now I have spent my second winter in Abu Dhabi.Life is quite routine except for ocassional trips to Dubai and weekend shopping in the malls of Abu Dhabi.Taken some nice shots of interesting places and scenery for your viewing pleasure.